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HR Benchmarking & Employee Surveys

We carry out periodic surveys on human resources practices. Results from such surveys will allow organisations to benchmark their practices against industry trends. We also carry out in-house and customized Employee Engagement Surveys. The surveys provides for tailored feedback reports as well as presentations on findings and recommendations.

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Succession Planning

Succession planning is a strategy for passing on leadership roles—often the ownership of a company—to an employee or group of employees. Also known as "replacement planning," it ensures that businesses continue to run smoothly after a company's most important people move on to new opportunities, retire, or pass away. Succession planning is an important part of the talent management.

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Workforce Planning and Optimisation

Research shows that most people (35%) are in jobs that are beyond their capacity thereby compromising their performance. When you put people into jobs beyond their capacity they bring. The environment plays a big part role on the performance of individuals. When we assess people already in your system we will assess the level of Service Climate (for service oriented roles), Ethical etc.

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