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Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is the trusted business partner for leading organizations on people issues. Our aim is to maximise returns on human capital for clients. Our consultants bring fresh thinking to client issues, along with the experience and research to know what really works. They deliver practical, evidence-based solutions that are tailored to your organization's culture and goals.

Distress and other Mental Health Problems in the Zimbabwean Working Population

Close to 4 in 10 working Zimbabweans experience symptoms of distress representing over 43%. The symptoms include; difficulty in thinking clearly, feeling down and depressed, disturbed sleep, easily irritated, lack of energy, tense, easily becoming emotional, no longer have interest in people and things.  Other symptoms include feeling like you can’t do anything anymore and can’t face it anymore.

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Building Commitment To The Strategic Plan

It has become fashionable in the corporate world to have some form of strategy for the organization. We often find organizations going to resorts, far away from the office to craft the destiny of the company. They come back from the resort with a document they call a strategy. What is interesting about the strategies that are being formulated is that they often fail to get the buy in from staff to enable effective implementation. Strategic planning sessions in some organisations have lost credibility with staff and have now been labelled “executive corporate annual holidays”.

Zimbabwe Employee Engagement Trends 2013

The Best Employers Search 2013 has come to a close, with Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd finally announcing the Results at a Breakfast ceremony held at Meikles Hotel in Harare on the 24th of April 2014. This was attended by Executives from various organisations within the country. Speaking at the awards ceremony Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Honourable Deputy Minister T. Muzenda encouraged organisations to have carefully integrated mechanisms that include recruitment and training, remuneration, safety, health and labour relations in the structures. Also present was Dr. A. Tabi-abodo (Director Zimbabwe Office, International Labour Organisation).

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CEO Salary Cuts: Implementantion Challenges

The decision by the government to cut salaries of CEOs in Parastatals was done in a hurry without assessing the implications of such a decision. The government has acted because of the outcry from the public following the publication of the salaries in the press. Yes any government would have acted swiftly which our government has done. However it is catastrophic to act swiftly implementing measures that have not been thoroughly scrutinized.

The public is reacting with insufficient information and is making a judgment of these entities based on a fraction of the information.

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I want to acknowledge IPC for the impact your Job Hunting and Interview Tips CD had on me...I strongly recommend it to any applicant on the job market. Read more - Delighted


I am always fascinated by these surveys that you post.Each time l see one l realise how far away from home l have been and l get nostalgic...Thanks so much for all the emails.You are doing a wonderful job - Zimbabwean in the diaspora


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