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CEO Salary Cuts: Implementantion Challenges

The decision by the government to cut salaries of CEOs in Parastatals was done in a hurry without assessing the implications of such a decision. The government has acted because of the outcry from the public following the publication of the salaries in the press. Yes any government would have acted swiftly which our government has done. However it is catastrophic to act swiftly implementing measures that have not been thoroughly scrutinized.

The public is reacting with insufficient information and is making a judgment of these entities based on a fraction of the information.

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Salarygate and Government’s Proposed Measures

The government driven corporate governance reforms coming in the wake of salary scandals in parastatals are welcome (Corporate Governance and Delivery Agency). However putting more rules normally does not solve problems of this magnitude. What is crucial is what happens when people fail to observe the proposed code of corporate governance.  For this to work there must be consequences for noncompliance and the consequences must be certain and immediate.

The key question is what are we reacting to?  There could be one or two organisations in that situation.  The corporate governance mechanism failed in all the reported cases and why?

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How Confidence Affects Employment and The Job Hunt

In the last quarter of 2013 we undertook a national employee confidence survey that assessed employee outlook and perceptions on a number of issues pertaining to the economy, employers, job security and employment opportunities. We used a composite index of four equally weighted indices, namely macro-economic confidence index, employer confidence index, job security index and job transition index to measure the level of Employee Confidence. The Employee Confidence Index as at December 2013 was 44.03%.

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Appraising the Board of Directors

Performance measurement and management have never been taken seriously by most organisations. If done it is just a matter of compliance rather than a value adding process. The current salarygate scandals have unearthed the complacency of many Boards. Inasmuch as the issues unearthed seem to concern parastatals and state owned enterprises, the reality is the problems of board performance are widespread and even affect many private company boards.

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