Month: June 2017

Most commonly used job evaluation systems in Zimbabwe
We recently undertook a survey to appreciate the most commonly used job evaluation systems in Zimbabwe. 82 Zimbabwean organisations employing a total of 54 964 employees participated in the survey. The smallest participating organisation employed 12 people and the largest employed 16 000 people. In basic terms, job evaluation is a process of comparing jobs […]
Are they Groups or Teams we find in Organisations?
One of the key challenges facing organisations today is building effective teams that will help the organisation achieve its goals. The need for teamwork at all levels of the organisation cannot be over emphasized. For organisations to achieve superior performance, employees need to work together. However getting people to work together towards achieving a common […]
The future of HR is in People Analytics
The human resources department is still struggling to assert its authority although tremendous progress has been made. Its biggest challenge is the inability to show its value through objective evidence. The key question always is how human resources practices are impacting positively on the business. While the human resources profession has tried to get representation […]
State of the Zimbabwean labour force: Employee confidence June 2017
We recently undertook a national employee confidence survey that assessed employees’ outlook and perceptions on a number of issues pertaining to the economy, employers, job security and employment opportunities. Most of the participants (51. 5 percent) believe that if they lose their jobs right now, they will not be able to get another similar or […]
The role of HR in organisational transformation: Q & A with Dave Ulrich
I recently engaged the renowned Human Resources guru Dave Ulrich to get his thoughts on the role of HR in organisational transformation in our operating context and what organisations can to do leverage on their human resource. I once brought Dave Ulrich to Zimbabwe for the IPC Regional Human Resources Summit on the 23rd of […]
Zimbabweans are Educated but are poor Managers
We have all seen and experienced corporate scandals of unimaginable proportions in many companies in Zimbabwe since dollarisation. These failures cut across so many sectors of our economy today. In the financial sector it’s properly dressed and it’s called “curatorship,” in other sectors it’s called judicial management. Shareholders, clients and employees are left shell shocked […]
Advice to Employers and Employees: Work for a better employment relationship
In today’s article I want to highlight some of the things that are taken for granted but have a big impact on the employment relationship. Retrenchment Employers when retrenching please consider the plight of your employees and how they have served your organisation for all these years. Stop being cruel when carrying out retrenchment. You […]
The Board Remuneration Committee – The Challenges
The Remuneration Committee of the Board is sometimes referred to as the Human Resources Committee. You need to have this committee properly constituted to enable it to effectively discharge its duties. If the committee is not performing its function effectively you will find a remuneration system that has no connection to the performance of the […]