Annual Bonus Survey Research Report 2014

Survey Methodology and Sample

We sent out a questionnaire to organisations in all sectors of the economy and asked them if they were paying a bonus in 2014. A total of 93 organisations responded. The distribution of respondents by sector was as follows:

Construction and Real Estate1.08%
Public Service and local government10.75%
Financial Services13.98%
Non-Governmental Organisations5.38%
Agro-processing and Agriculture5.38%
IT and Telecommunications1.08%
Tourism and Hospitality3.23%
Transport and Logistics6.45%
Medicine and Pharmaceuticals4.30%
Product Distribution1.08%
Professional Services1.08%

The headcount from the participating organisations ranges from a minimum of 3 employees to a maximum of 12 372 employees.  The respondents are human resources professional from the title of Human Resources Officer to as high as Human Resources Director.

This report contributes to Industrial Psychology Consultants goal to help business leaders understand the forces transforming the local and global economy, improve company performance, and work for better national policies. The report is in-line with our mission of maximizing returns on human capital. As with all Industrial Psychology Consultants research, this work is independent and has neither been commissioned nor sponsored in any way by any business, government, or other institution.


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