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Skills Audit

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Knowing what skills your organisation has now and what is required to meet future business demands is not an easy task for most organisations. Without such a skills blue- print we see organisations reacting to skills shortages in a costly manner instead of carefully structured way. We work with organisations wanting to know what skills they have now and what is required in the future. Once the skills audit is done we work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to close the identified gaps.

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Who we work with

Who we work with:

We work with organizations to put in place human resources systems that motivate every individual working for them to contribute to the success of the business.  They need to be prepared to take tough but ethical decisions   that guarantee success now and in the future. We don't believe in taking short cuts to achieve short term success at the expense of sustainable success now. They come to us because we customise our solutions to meet their own specific business needs and in the process we have mutually beneficial long lasting relationships.  If you are in this category you have found a Partner to help your business succeed. 

We want to make your business better

Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is your trusted business partner in dealing with all people related issues in your business that are stopping you from being more productive and highly profitable. To achieve this we customize all the solutions to your specific needs after carefully studying and understanding your unique situation.