HR Benchmarking & Employee Surveys

We carry out periodic surveys on human resources practices. Results from such surveys will allow organisations to benchmark their practices against industry trends. Our major surveys are as follows:

  • Human Resources Practices Survey (annually)
  • Best Employers Survey (annually)

We also carry out in-house and customized Employee Engagement Surveys.  The surveys provides for tailored feedback reports as well as presentations on findings and recommendations. We assist the client to identify areas that need attention and help them craft action plans to address areas of concern.

Organisations that periodically assess the perception of their employees tend to get the best leads in terms of employee engagement problems and how they impact on the business. Employees provide a rich sources of ideas that can help your organisation achieve its goals if only you periodically get their views through structured and scientifically valid surveys. We work with organisations wanting to harness the views of their employees through various surveys and aim to develop strategies to maximise the findings from these surveys for the benefit of their business.

What makes our service unique?

Our team of Statisticians and Psychologist have the experience to develop and customise survey instruments to meet your needs.  Our quarterly and yearly surveys provide you with a rich database for benchmarking against similar organisations.


  • A tailored questionnaire that is designed to meet your unique business needs. We can even customize the questionnaire by language to suite the diversity of your staff;
  • Flexible data collection methods. We use a range of approaches, including print and on-line options, to ensure survey participation is fast, easy and convenient for employees;
  • Comprehensive and innovative analytics on your results that helps you put your results into context and give priority to important actions;
  • Crowd sourced interventions through focus group discussions. This helps you ensure a collaborative process and buy-in in the development of key actions your business must take to address the findings raised in the survey;
  • Comprehensive employee attitude and behaviour benchmarks and result validation frameworks that helps you put your results into context;
  • Proven strategies to increase employee engagement, satisfaction and leadership skills.

Are you interested in engaging us to undertake an employee survey for you? please contact us