Human Resources Reporting (Excel Based HR Statistics Dashboard)

We help organisations come up with simple, graphical and easy to interpret methods of reporting different Human Resources dimensions. This type of reporting enables decision makers to see facts and figures presented visually, so that they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns within the data – giving meaning to numbers. These insights help organisations make evidence based and well informed strategic decisions.

Unlock the full potential of your organization's HR data by learning how to present it effectively to decision makers. Throughout this entry-level training you will work on practical examples usingMicrosoft Excel. This workshop will help you produce HR insights that feed into important business decisions. You will learn how to prepare reports with insights that the Board cannot afford to ignore. The workshop will also focus on telling a compelling story with your data using modern data visualization techniques.

N.B. You can choose to attend both days or one day depending on the skills gap, you have on HR Board report preparation.

Pre-Requisite: The curriculum is created for people who have little or no experience with analyzing data. You will learn everything from extracting, cleaning, and analyzing HR data, to building your own custom HR

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