Workforce Planning and Optimisation

We use thorough statistical, mathematical and other scientific techniques to help our clients align their workforce with current and future business outcomes. We offer services such as headcount analysis and workforce optimisation which objectively place and deploy staff in your business. We ensure that our clients are fully capable of managing their workforce in an environment that is highly volatile. Integrating
workforce supply and demand analysis into the strategic planning cycle ensures your organisation has the ‘five rights’. These are:

  • Right number: ensures that you have the right number of people in the right roles spending the right amount of time to achieve what is required of them.
  • Right shape: identifies duplication and inefficiencies leading to the establishment of the right balance of unskilled to skilled labour, junior to senior staff, experienced staff to new hires.
  • Right place: ensures that the required staff resources are available at the right location to meet current and future workload.
  • Right skills: assess the gaps in the competencies and skills which will be needed
    to meet future goals.
  • Right cost: ensures that you pay the right wages and salaries for your staff.

Research shows that most people (35%) are in jobs that are beyond their capacity thereby compromising their performance. When you put people into jobs beyond their capacity they bring. The environment plays a big part role on the performance of individuals. When we assess people already in your system we will assess the level of Service Climate (for service oriented roles), Ethical etc.

We offer this service and you can contact us today for this service.