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This section allows you to peep into what is trending on the market in terms of salaries. To employers, the section has full reports covering different sectors and different years. You can choose to purchase a report for a specific sector or the national report. These report will allow you to price your jobs competitively and in the process allow you the opportunity to attract and retain your top talent. I encourage you to look at these reports before you offer anyone a job at your organisation. This platform gives you the flexibility to get market salaries for the roles you want. You can choose one role or as many as you want. What you will get will depend on your needs as the platform is very flexible. Without knowing what the market is offering for certain roles, as an employer you could end overpaying or underpaying your employees.

The platform works very well for job seekers as well. It allows job seekers to get market salary information for their role and many others. If you are planning to go for a new job it will help you. Even as you prepare to go for a job interview you must go there ready with market information on the role you are being interviewed for. You can speak with confidence when the employer asks you your remuneration package expectations. You won’t under or overprice yourself. That way you enhance your chance of getting the job.

All the salary information data is presented showing various statical figures. You will have an opportunity to look at the 25th percentile, median(50th percentile) and the 75th percentile. Ordinarily, most organisations target to pay at least above the 50th percentile. As a job seeker, you can work with the median market salary as you are negotiating new job offers. That would sound reasonable to a new employer.