Month: May 2019

Payment of salaries in forex
Introduction Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC) carried out a survey on payment of salaries in forex. The aim of the survey was to understand the prevalence of payment of salaries in hard currency and how companies are financing these practices. The economy has experienced significant changes since July 2018. The introduction of the Transitional Stabilisation Program […]
Student on attachment experience survey 2019
Introduction Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC) carried out a survey to evaluate the attachment experience of students in Zimbabwean universities. The aim of the survey was to identify the relevance, advantages and disadvantages of industrial attachment as part of the curriculum of the universities in Zimbabwe from the students’ perspective. This survey contains a total of […]
Performance Management Implementation Enablers
There is no credible denial that a well-functioning and appropriately implemented performance management system that is objective and comprehensive can deliver real, bottom-line business results. An efficient performance management system prompts and energizes people to take responsibility for their performance and should lead to the achievement of superior results. Indeed, winning organisations get their competitive […]
Why you should apply analytics to your HR strategy
The human resources department is still struggling to assert its authority although tremendous progress has been made. Its biggest challenge is the inability to show its value through objective evidence. The key question always is how human resources practices are impacting positively on the business. While the human resources profession has tried to get representation […]
Do not carry out a skills audit instead carry out a Staff Capacity Assessment
Most organisations mistake a qualification audit as a skills audit. Instead of wasting your resources doing a qualification and experience audit which in most cases does not result in any improvement in your organisation’s performance even if the recommendations of such an audit are implemented, you are better doing a staff capacity assessment. Staff capacity […]
Selecting People on Merit is key to economic development
If organisations could ensure that at least 90% of all roles in their organisations are staffed on merit, very few organisations would be struggling with performance. Listening to people and academic discussions in Zimbabwe, you get a feeling that this could be one of the challenges facing our economy. Selecting people on merit means you […]
Sick Leave Trends Survey
Introduction Absence due to sickness is of great concern and has huge economic and social consequences. The aim of this survey was to find the rate at which employees fake sick leave. Employees were asked questions related to sick leave and the general economic climate. Executive Summary In this survey, we investigated sick leave trends […]