Month: June 2019

What the Best Company Boards Focus On
Non-Executive Directors are faced with several challenges as they do their work. The quality of the Board members significantly impacts the performance of the organisation.  The quality of Board members is largely dependent on the selection criteria and process.  In some instances, the quality of the NEDs is influenced by the remuneration on offer. Organisations […]
Designing a Sustainable Pay Structure for your Organisation
An equitable remuneration structure is a key component of any business. Ensure your business has an equitable pay structure. A pay structure puts people in grades. Each grade will have a minimum, midpoint and maximum salary. The minimum salary reflects what the business is willing to pay for any position at entry into that grade. […]
Remuneration Outlook for 2019
The economy has experienced significant changes since July 2018. The introduction of the Transitional Stabilisation Program by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development followed by the monetary policy by the Reserve Bank has brought in new challenges for businesses. The subsequent business challenges emanating from the policy changes above have brought in new challenges […]
Payment of salaries in forex
Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC) carried out a survey on payment of salaries in forex. The aim of the survey was to determine the prevalence of payment of salaries in hard currency and how companies are financing these practices. A total of 83 HR practitioners from different organisations and economic sectors participated in this survey.Most participants […]
University student’s perception of industrial attachment
Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC) recently carried out a survey to evaluate the experiences and perceptions of students with regard to industrial attachment. Most degree programs have a mandatory industrial attachment period where students are expected to get hands-on industry work experience for about twelve months. There has been a lot of debate over industrial attachment. […]
Career Tip
If you have had the opportunity to discuss with the liberators (the pre-independence generation) and the born frees (post-independence generation) about their work you will observe that there is a huge divide between these two employee groups in terms of motivation, values and perception with regards to work. You may have also noted that there […]