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Backed by research and data, our consultants help you make the right choices for your organisation. We offer a complete range of compensation and rewards services—from total rewards strategies, remuneration policy design, job evaluation, pay structuring, incentive scheme design, and salary and benefits surveys. In addition, we help you tailor communication strategies for specific audiences, ensuring that your workforce truly understands how pay and benefits add up to total rewards. Research on CEO Compensation trends over the years has shown that awards have more often than not hinged upon some performance metric. Additionally, plan-based bonuses and performance incentives have seen a higher, widespread usage, while discretionary bonuses still remain few and far between. Furthermore, Knowlton (2018) states that, as the voices of activists and institutional investors have become louder and more pronounced, pressure has continually mounted upon boards to align the pay of CEOs with the long-term company strategy, as well as the interests and returns of shareholders. As a result, a majority of large companies highlight some form of shareholder engagement in the annual proxy statement, with discussions on executive pay a principal engagement topic.


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