Perfomance Improvement Intervention

We assist organisations to improve their performance by helping them implement performance management and measurement systems at all levels within the organisation. We have helped organisations to drastically increase performance using the Balanced Scorecard Performance Management System. This is supported by the design of good performance assessment tools including the computerisation of the performance management system (balanced scorecard). Our methodology is based on our experience in implementing the Balanced Scorecard in more than 140 organisations locally and regionally across many industries. Our methodology involves imparting the Balanced Scorecard knowledge to enable the team to effectively monitor the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard system BSC Training: We equip our clients whith adequate information about the BSC and why chosing it ahead of other Performance Management tools. System Customisation: We tailor make our solutions to suit specific clients to get the best out of it. Implementation: We help our clients throughout the implementation period. Continuous improvement is at the core of our service.


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