Psychometric Tests and Assessment Centers

Few decisions are as important as selecting the talent needed to take the organisation into the future. A valid testing system takes the guesswork out of building a pool of talented candidates. Hiring or promoting people who are unsuitable costs time and money and errors made by poor performers jeopardise potential business. Carefully developed and administered psychometric tests can provide organisations with a way to decide systematically and accurately which people have the ability to perform well on the job, have the capacity to be developed for higher positions and will not engage in counterproductive behaviour. Selecting and developing the right talent separates winning organisations from the rest. Our psychometric tests focus on aptitude and personality profiles. We also use Assessment and Development Centers for selection and development of Graduate Trainees, Senior Managers and Executives. (Detailed Brochure on Psychometric Testing is available on request). Making a poor hire is an expensive and time-consuming process – a cost estimated to be up to three times the salary of the individual. A poor hiring decision can have a detrimental effect on morale in the organisation as well as creating a negative impression of the business in the wider community. These are good reasons to consider some form of additional assessment, such as psychometric testing, as part of a selection process. Psychometric tests, when used correctly to supplement and enhance a hiring decision, clearly have many benefits for an organisation. They can help to reduce recruitment costs, eliminate or reduce errors in hiring leading to improved organisational performance. Crucially good recruitment practices will enhance the employer brand, helping an organisation to win the war on talent by attracting, engaging, and retaining the best on the market.


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