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Employee Confidence Index Report March 2018

Editorial Team
11/04/2018 10:00 AM

This report is part of a series of research we do on a regular basis to assist business leaders and employees make better decisions that uplift the performance of their organisations. The aim of this particular research was to monitor four key indicators of employee confidence: job market optimism, salary expectations, job security and business outlook optimism.
Summary of Key Findings
 Employee Confidence Index for Q1 2018 is 66% compared to 71% in the last quarter of 2017. This is a 5% drop from the last quarter of 2017.  60% of the participants believe they will get a similar or better job in the next six months if they were lose their current job now as compared to 57% of the last quarter of 2017. This indicate a 3% uplift from the previous quarter of 2017.  69% of the employees surveyed are not confident that they will get a cost of living adjustment this year given their organisation’s current circumstances and outlook for the next six months. Compared to 76% for the last quarter of 2017 this shows a 6% uplift in confidence.  81% of the surveyed employees are not concerned that they could be retrenched in the next six months compared to 77% in the last quarter of 2017. The confidence level has improved, highlighting employees are sensing stronger and better job security.  59% of the participants expect things to be better in the next six months; as they look at their organisation prospects; compared to 69% in the last quarter of 2017. This shows a 10% drop in confidence.  In the next six months, 61% of the participants expect the economy to improve compared with 87% in the last quarter of 2017. Employee confidence in the economy has reduced significantly by 26% from the last quarter of 2017.  68% of the participants believe that the leadership in their organisations are capable of changing the fortunes of their organisations for the better compared to 67% in the last quarter of 2017.  The most negative thing that participants experienced in their organisations during the first quarter of 2018 is salary delay (29 percent) as compared to 25 percent of the participants who indicated this factor in the last quarter of 2017. It would seem more and more organisations are failing to honour their salary obligations to employees.  Hiring new employees was the most positive thing (41%) that happened in the past six months in the participants’ organisation compared to 42% percent in the last quarter of 2017.
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Editorial Team

This article was written by one of the consultants at IPC

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