Legal Services Officer

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Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 26 Jan 2023

Date Posted

23 Jan 2023

Expiration date

26 Jan 2023

Offered Salary (month)



5 year exp


Middle Level

Duties & Responsibilities

1.Identifies shortcomings of the provisions of the legal framework governing the operations of the organisation and making recommendations on necessary amendments to the Acts and its subsidiary legislation or any other legislation relevant to the effective implementation of the Company Act.

2. Advises on legal developments in the domestic and international operating legal framework and any amendments, if any as well as identify and manage all forms of legal risk and recommend corrective action

3.Participates in negotiation of contracts of any material commercial transactions

4. Drafts contracts for all departments to ensure all necessary information is included

5. Reviews contracts for all departments and check compliance with the law

6.Provides legal advice to all departments and staff as well as guidance to Banks in Liquidation/ judicial management to ensure they carry out their activities within the prescribed laws

7. Drafts legal opinions and other legal documents for review and maintain legal, statutory and corporate records.

8.Assists the Legal Counsel develop management and board reports on legal issues for management and board information and assist making informed decisions.

9. Drafts reports on recommendations on legal issues and submits to the Legal Counsel for review and approval to ensure every legal issue is captured as it arises for feedback and decision making.

Education & Experience

1. Law Degree

2. Corporate Membership to a relevant Professional Body e.g. Law Society

3. 5-7 years relevant experience

4. 3 years in senior role

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