Brand Associate

Job Status: Receiving Applications (Open)
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 28 Feb 2023

Date Posted

16 Feb 2023

Expiration date

28 Feb 2023

Offered Salary (month)



4 year exp



Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops and cascade the Commercial and Marketing strategy into astute and measurable brand plans with a 360-degree approach
  • Presents and executes out of the water creative ideas for marketing activities with the appointed creative agency
  • Initiates online and social media campaigns
  • Manages website and social media content with the website developer and social media agency
  • Formulates and communicates monthly/quarterly social media strategies with social media agency
  • Develops and optimizes marketing campaigns (product launching and promotion)
  • Coordinates trade marketing initiatives in order to push for volume targets
  • Tracks overall brand budget and ensures activities to maximize gains on brand visibility, awareness and build brand equity are within budget
  • Conducts cost benefit analyses at the end of each advertisement initiative. This includes pre and post promotional analyses to assess return on brand investment
  • Analyzes industry, competition and market trends
  • Prepares annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly reports on brand performance and indicates measurable performance metrics
  • Participates in the Innovation funnel and takes the lead on category trend research
  • Develops all packaging elements in line with the creative agency
  • Obtains and analyze market share target for each category and details brand action recommendations

Experience and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies/ Marketing or equivalent.
  • At least Four (4) years in similar role

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