ERP Systems Administrator

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Expiration date: 17 Jan 2024

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17 Jan 2024

Expiration date

17 Jan 2024

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3 year exp



The ERP systems administrator is responsible for the day-to-day management, configuration, integration, and maintenance of the Acumatica ERP and 1Retail systems within the Group. They will provide first line of support regarding the ERP and POS systems. They will ensure the systems function smoothly, maximising user productivity and contributing to overall business success.

Key Responsibilities / KPA

  1. System Configuration: Work with Irvine’s internal staff and external consultants in configuring and customising the ERP system to meet the organisation’s requirements.
  2. User Management: Managing user roles, permissions, and security settings within the ERP and POS systems. This includes creating and maintaining user accounts, defining & reviewing access levels, and ensuring data privacy.
  3. System Maintenance: Regularly monitoring and maintaining the performance, availability, and security of the applications. This will include troubleshooting and resolving issues, applying patches and updates, and working with the IT team to do and test system backups.
  4. Data Management: Managing and maintaining the integrity of data within the ERP system. This includes data importing, exporting, cleaning, and ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
  5. Integration and Customization: Collaborating with other IT teams to integrate Acumatica with other systems, such as POS, Ornithon, Inteqnion and BI tools.
  6. Training and Support: Providing training and support to end-users on how to use the ERP system effectively. This may include creating user manuals, conducting training sessions, and addressing user queries and issues.
  7. Systems Utilisation: Collaborating with cross-functional teams, such as finance, sales, procurement, and IT, to understand and address their specific requirements and ensure the effective use of Acumatica.
  8. Documentation: Creating and maintaining technical documentation, including system configuration guides, user manuals, and troubleshooting guides for the ERP system.
  9. Staying Updated: Staying informed about the latest features, updates, and best practices of Acumatica. Proactively identifying and implementing new features or functionalities that can benefit Irvine’s.

Academic Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in IT

Technical Competencies

  • Excellent business process knowledge
  • Experience with accounting concepts across the value chain
  • Project Management
  • Excellent understanding of Automation and scripting
  • Security and Monitoring
  • Cloud
  • Proficiency in systems administration
  • Data management
  • Problem solving
  • Systems Integration

Specific Competencies

  • Business acumen
  • Communication and Presentation
  • Teamwork

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