Executive Assistant

Job Status: CVs sent to Client
Estimated Salary
US$ 3,000- US$ 4,000

Expiration date: 27 Mar 2024

Date Posted

04 Mar 2024

Expiration date

27 Mar 2024

Offered Salary (month)



3 year exp



Job Title: Executive Assistant to the CEO

Job Summary

The Executive Assistant to the CEO plays a pivotal role in directly mirroring the CEO's activities and executing delegated duties under directive order. Responsibilities include providing strategic support, facilitating decision-making, and managing projects, while maintaining confidentiality and representing the CEO professionally to internal and external stakeholders. This role requires exceptional organizational skills, discretion, and the ability to effectively manage the CEO's schedule and communications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Strategic Support: Provides direct support to the CEO by understanding their vision, priorities, and objectives, and assisting in the execution of strategic initiatives.

· Decision-Making Assistance: Assist the CEO in making informed decisions by conducting research, analyzing data, and providing comprehensive reports and recommendations.

· Project Management: Manage key projects on behalf of the CEO, ensuring timelines are met, resources are allocated efficiently, and objectives are achieved effectively.

· Communication Facilitation: Serve as a liaison between the CEO and internal and external stakeholders, ensuring clear and timely communication and coordination.

· Representation: Represent the CEO in meetings, conferences, and other events, articulating their views and decisions with accuracy and professionalism.

· Confidentiality Maintenance: Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive information and discussions, exercising discretion and integrity in all interactions.

· Relationship Building: Cultivate and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including board members, clients, and partners, to enhance the CEO's network and facilitate collaboration.

· Executive Schedule Management: Manage the CEO's calendar, scheduling meetings, appointments, and travel arrangements efficiently, and ensuring optimal use of their time.

· Continual Improvement: Proactively identify areas for process improvement and efficiency enhancement within the CEO's office, implementing best practices to optimize workflow and productivity.

· Ad Hoc Support: Provide ad hoc support to the CEO as needed, including conducting research, preparing presentations, and handling special projects.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAOs):

· Ability to effectively prioritize tasks, manage time efficiently, and handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously.

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to interact professionally with individuals at all levels.

· Keen attention to detail and accuracy in all tasks, including document preparation and data management.

· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to anticipate potential issues and proactively seek solutions.

· Ability to handle sensitive information with discretion and maintain confidentiality.

· Flexibility and adaptability to changing priorities and environments, with the ability to work effectively under pressure.

· Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and other relevant software applications.

· Demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and a commitment to representing the CEO and the company in a positive manner.

Education and Experience:

· A Business related Degree in Economics/Finance/Accounting

· 3 years experience in a similar role

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