Legal & Administration Manager

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 05 Aug 2020

Date Posted

06 Jul 2020

Expiration date

05 Aug 2020

Offered Salary (month)



3 year exp


Senior Level

Overall Job Purpose

To provide strategic and technical direction on all legal matters for the organisation, in ensuring compliant and transparent practices.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Secures legal advice from external Lawyers as well as liaising with external lawyers on all court cases where necessary.

• Drafts pleadings on all civil suits.

• Vets and drafts contracts and policies

• Maintains a register of published Statutory Instruments relevant to operations of the organisation.

• Notifies Divisions/Departments about relevant new and amended legislation and its interpretation.

• Assists in review of effective internal controls to ensure compliance to Code of Conduct protocol and Corporate Governance.

• Analyses and makes appropriate recommendations and follow ups on implementation of court judgments.

• Monitors and evaluate the performance of external lawyers.

• Maintains judgments files and distributes to other Divisions/Departments where necessary.

• Ensures organises and serves Board and Board Committees.

• Allocates motor vehicles to all GMB Divisions/Departments in line with organisational policy.

• Ensures that rates and rentals are paid as per agreements by GMB to the

Council and by tenant to GMB on a monthly basis.

• Ensures that assets are ensured and manages insurance portfolio for the organisation for both vehicle insurance and company assets insurance.

• Monitors allocation and usage of cell phones to Manager levels and below in line with the organisational policy.

Qualifications and Experience

• Bachelor of Laws Honours Degree

• Professional Accounting qualification e.g. CIS/CIMA

• Minimum of 3 years experience in a similar role

• Civil and litigation experience is a must

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