Operations Executive

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 26 Nov 2020

Date Posted

27 Oct 2020

Expiration date

26 Nov 2020

Offered Salary (month)



7 year exp




  • Providing the corporate vision and coming up with strategies to achieve the short term, medium-term and long terms goals.
  • Preparation and presentation of Company’s Budget and operational reports including the development and implementation of the Company’s business plan.
  • Developing business performance measures and apply these to monitor, analyze and control performance.
  • Business development and marketing the Company’s products to clients.
  • Managing and growing the Company’s business portfolio in line with set objectives.
  • Management and supervision of all operations of the Company
  • Human resource management and development.
  • Ensure that the company brand is highly visible and always held in high esteem.
  • Scanning the local and external business environment for possible growth areas.
  • Expense/Cost management.
  • Client Relationship Management, Claims Management, Budget and variance reports preparations


  • Expert knowledge of operational systems, work-flow processes and policies in support of client service expectations, continuous improvement and overall efficiency
  • Expert understanding of management reporting, information flow and organizational planning
  • Expert knowledge in the use of the Afrinet system for all policy transactions to effectively drive accuracy and process efficiency
  • Working knowledge of budgeting development process and budget management
  • Working knowledge of business planning process to support short and medium-term department planning
  • Working knowledge of competitive rating and product development processes across all lines of business
  • Expert knowledge of all classes of short term insurance
  • Expert competency in reading and interpreting all policy wordings relevant to all short term insurance products.
  • Expert knowledge of the insurance market anatomy


1. Co-Ordination of Broking Team Service Activities

Renewals / Service Programme

  • Supervise the team’s renewal and servicing programme and ensure that this is implemented and adhered to.

Allocation of Clients between Team Staff

  • The team workload to be reviewed as an on-going process and matched to available resources.


  • Be aware of all major outstanding claims and to monitor progress towards settlement and where necessary be directly involved in the resolution of same.
  • Monitor all major claims repudiations and where necessary participate in the negotiation and settlement of same.
  • Ensure that all major claims are reported to the Managing Director timeously and that the team’s database of claims is continuously updated.
  • Ensure that a monthly claims audit system is in place.
  • Monitor the team’s ex-gratia requests and maintain ex-gratia register which is to be available for inspection by the Managing Director from time to time.

Errors and Omissions

  • Any potential error and omission claim is to be reported to the Managing Director immediately.

Technical Training / Assistance

  • Train/assist staff on technical issues on an on-going basis.

Client Complaints

  • To expeditiously deal with complaints received directly from clients.

2. Credit Control

  • To supervise and ensure that all Debit notes, Fee note and Credit Notes are raised on time and before the cut of date provided each month.
  • To ensure that all premiums are collected timeously.
  • Conduct broking credit control meetings weekly.
  • To ensure that there are no unallocated receipts at any given time. All premiums to be allocated in the month of receipt.

3. New Products

  • Ensure that all staff is aware of new products developed/marketed by the Broking Divisions.
  • Identify and develop new products

4. Marketing / New Business

  • Identify new business opportunities on an on-going basis.
  • Compilation and presentation of new business reports to prospective clients.
  • Monitor the Team’s performance against its new business budget.

5. Budgeting / Forecasting / Finance

  • Preparation and submission for the Company’s budgets and profit forecasts.
  • Monitor income and expense variances within the Team and provide reasons for variances
  • Draw operations reports as and when required – this also involves reports that may be required for financial reporting, audit or regulatory compliance purposes.

6. Quality Standards

  • Ensure compliance by the Team with Quality Standards and Business Procedure as prescribed by the Business Procedures manuals and Quality Standards
  • Assist as required in reviewing, developing and amending Quality Standards and Business Procedures manuals.
  • Oversee and assist in any Internal Audit systems, procedures and exercises as required.
  • Ensure both personal and Team staff compliance with the Organization’s Codes of Conduct.

7. Human Resources / Staff Management / Training

  • Identify training needs and facilitate training for staff in conjunction with the Human Resources Division.
  • Where necessary/appropriate be responsible for
  • - recommending recruiting staff
  • - recommending rewards for staff
  • - encouraging professional qualifications within the Team
  • Strive for common standard throughout the team in regards to human resource management and development.
  • Develop and reinforce the Organization’s objective of staff cross-functionality.

8. Information Technology / Information Systems Initiatives

  • To actively be involved in IT and IS projects as and when required.

9. Internal Communications

  • Enhance communications within the Team and other units.

10. External Communications / Market Liaison

  • Ensure effective communication and working relationships between the team and underwriting companies and other service providers for example assessors, premium financiers etc…

11. Promotions / Client Entertainment

  • To participate in all promotions/client entertainment initiatives as and when required.

12. Any other duties as assigned by your superiors



  • Degree in Insurance from a recognized university
  • IIZ/ IISA / CII Associateship or any equivalent qualification


  • 7 years of technical and supervisory experience


  • Technical Knowledge and Understanding
  • Report Writing & Presentation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail


  • Sales & Service Orientation - Committed to serving and satisfying the needs of the external and internal members/clients through the delivery of superior value while building, strengthening and maintaining long-term relationships.
  • Continuous Learning - Demonstrates the desire to continually grow, learn and develop skills and knowledge through external and internal education, training and cross-training opportunities to maximize personal contribution to the organizational goals and on-going career development.
  • Organizational Effectiveness - Ability to understand the organization’s strategic direction, how decisions impact the business, and how to strive to improve organizational performance.
  • Ethical Behaviour - Ability to demonstrate integrity, credibility, confidentiality and responsibility in all member/client interactions.
  • Communication - Demonstrates the ability to receive and understand information, and respond verbally or in writing when interacting with others
  • Functional Excellence - Demonstrates the knowledge and technical expertise of products and processes and their use in delivering quality member/client services
  • People Management- Building a partnership with employees by providing leadership, a positive work environment and coaching, to individuals and teams to achieve organizational goals.

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