Forensic Manager

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 12 Feb 2021

Date Posted

13 Jan 2021

Expiration date

12 Feb 2021

Offered Salary (month)



6 year exp


Senior Level

Main Duties: Researches, analyses and identifies emerging Global industry trends that relate to: Fraud, Waste and Abuse and Operational Fraud Risk Identifies the human, equipment and financial resources the department will require to address the above requirements. Analyses and develops a preliminary Annual Operating Plan to address the issues identified above and ensure seamless operations of the department. Submits the draft Annual Operating Plan to the Head Risk and Assurance Develops the plan into quarterly, monthly and weekly plans, informs forensic officers accordingly Receives, analyses and reviews key financial data and requirements from Forensic Officers Develops a provisional budget based on the activities and the data received from the Forensic Officers and submits to the Head Risk and Assurance Checks and monitors the Departmental expenses against the budget monthly and takes appropriate action in the event of budget overruns. Oversees the process of Fraud, Waste and Abuse investigations, ensures reporting is in line with regulatory/statutory requirements, and confirms recoveries if any, and approves reports Checks through the relevant Forensic Officers adherence to the recovery process and the value of recoveries achieved. Administers risk management programs related to operating and financial risk as identified in the risk assessments Reviews internal audit reports, risk registers and incident reports to establish the level of risk and decides appropriate action Develops the necessary plan/s to ensure that the Department meets its agreed goals and objectives, meets staff on a pre-agreed basis, identifies and agrees key performance areas, key objectives/tasks and action plans. In conjunction with Human Resources representatives ensures that members of staff are being rewarded fairly and the requisite HR policies, procedures and systems are being followed accurately Qualifications: Relevant Business Management / Finance/ Audit/Information Systems degree At least 6 years’ experience in Forensics/ Audit / Risk Management / Loss Control

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