Finance Director

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 17 Feb 2021

Date Posted

18 Jan 2021

Expiration date

17 Feb 2021

Offered Salary (month)



5 year exp



Duties and Responsibilities

  • Leads the formulation of the Organisation’s Strategy.
  • Leads the annual plan development.
  • Periodically monitors and reviews the macro-economic environment for changes that have a material effect on the achievement of the Organisation’s Strategy.
  • Periodically reports on outcomes of macro-economic finance issues impacting on the Organisational Strategy.
  • Translates the approved Strategy into Annual Work Plans for the Division.
  • Co-ordinates the development of budget assumptions and execution of the budget process.
  • Reviews consolidated Divisional budgets from the Finance Manager and co-ordinates the budget review and prioritisation process by Management.
  • Reviews Statutes and Regulations governing the collection of the TDS and recommends appropriate amendments to the CEO and the Board.
  • Identifies and recommends alternative sources of funding and income to augment collections from the TDS.
  • Participates in the mobilisation of resources from Development Corporation Partners and other financial institutions.
  • Reviews cash flow reports from the Finance Manager in order to optimise the administration of cash resources and investments on a weekly basis.
  • Reviews and implements appropriate treasury management strategies to support the Organisation’s activities.

  • Reviews and recommends investment decisions in adherence with the Investment Policy
  • Monitors the liquidity levels in order to support the long-term strategy of the Organisation.
  • Assesses and monitors the financial position of banks and other financial institutions in order to safeguard the Organisation’s cash resources.

  • Mobilises cash resources in line with budget funding requirements.

  • Monitors that all expenditure incurred has prior approval.

  • Plans and aligns Operational activities to efficiently and effectively meet the Organisation’s Objectives.

  • Oversees the Organisation’s Code of Governance and Ethics, register of interests of the directors, the gifts and hospitality register for all employees.
  • Makes available, where appropriate, for public inspection a copy of the latest annual accounts and Auditor’s Report and a copy of the latest Annual Report.

  • Proposes changes to existing corporate governance arrangements within the Organisation, to ensure compliance with codes of practice and new regulations.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree in Accounting or Finance
  • Member of a Professional Accounting Body
  • Experience in a senior management position

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