Group Head Fruit and Vege Manager

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 30 Jun 2021

Date Posted

01 Mar 2021

Expiration date

30 Jun 2021

Offered Salary (month)



8 year exp


Senior Level

Responsible for the development and coordination of the supply chain for fruit and vegetables.

  • Coordinates supply chain management including resource planning, scheduling and perishable inventory control;
  • Coordinates appropriate methods needed to distribute commodity in a cost-effective manner including booking and coordinating inbound and outbound freight;
  • Coordinates with regional departments to ensure consistent quality and smooth flows of product and information;
  • Analyzes the requirements of the commodity, including preliminary specifications, preferred supplier, and date commodity is needed;
  • Manages vendor relations and supplier development with selected vendors;
  • Manages quality control, product rejections and resolves vendor disputes;
  • Interviews potential suppliers to determine if they meet the specified requirements;
  • Advise the executive management on the strategies to make fruit and vegetable profitable
  • Negotiates the lowest possible cost for the commodity balanced against the optimum quality and schedule needs;
  • Implements supply contracts that comply with company policies

Qualifications and Experience

  • Driver license.
  • Minimum of 8 years experience in a similar role
  • Experience in fruit and vegetable related role.
  • Degree in agriculture

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