Chief Executive Officer

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 12 May 2021

Date Posted

03 May 2021

Expiration date

12 May 2021

Offered Salary (month)



10 year exp



Job Purpose The incumbent will be responsible for building and supporting professional teams in order to achieve the Airline’s vision of providing world class air transport service, which is reliable, safe and competitive to the customer’s expectation. The incumbent will be a member of the Air Zimbabwe Board of Directors, Executive Management and the Accountable Officer for the National Airline. The incumbent will have corporate authority for ensuring that the Airline’s operations and maintenance activities are adequately financed and materially resourced to meet the standards required by the Civil Aviation Authority and has the ultimate responsibility and accountability regarding the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Safety Management System implementation throughout the organization. Main Duties: Lead in the development of a long-term business strategy for the Airline which meets shareholder requirements for sustainable growth and profitability. Lead the development and achievement of an operating plan and budget that meets sustainable growth and profit needs. Represent the Airline’s interest in the domestic, regional and international platforms to enhance delivery of organizational objectives. Ensure that the organizational structure and processes are effective and suitable for operations to be conducted in accordance with the conditions and restrictions of the AOC, applicable regulations and standards of the organization. Implementation and maintenance of the Safety, Security and Quality Management Systems of the Airline as the Accountable Officer for Air Operator Certificate (AOC), Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) and Approved Training Organization (ATO). Availing necessary resources to maintain standards, manage safety risks and security threats to operations and rectify deficiencies. Ensure operations are conducted in accordance with conditions and restrictions of the AOC and in compliance with applicable regulations and standards the organization. Ensure the quality, performance and motivation of people employed in the organization meets business requirements. Ensure that Quality, Safety and Security activities are adequately resourced to facilitate their development, implementation and monitoring throughout the organization. Lead the organization in the development of a positive work culture throughout all levels of management and operation. Lead in the development and implementation of commercial strategies according to company goals and objectives aiming to accelerate growth. Building and maintaining profitable partnerships with key stakeholders. Qualifications and experience A relevant business degree from a recognized University. A relevant Master’s degree from a recognized University is an added advantage. Proven ten (10) year record of professional executive management experience. A background in the management of Commercial Air Transport Operations and Approved Training Organisations is an added advantage. Sound experience and appreciation of general management principles. Strong and effective communication skills. Conversant with CAAZ, ICAO and EASA regulatory framework. Team leader and player, with ability to develop functional teams that are results focused.

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