Projects Manager - Evaluations and Bankability

Job Status: Interviews
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 07 Apr 2022

Date Posted

31 Mar 2022

Expiration date

07 Apr 2022

Offered Salary (month)



8 year exp


Senior Level

A qualification in project management is a must

  • Responsible for JV projects conceptualisation, identification and feasibility studies, which will involve analysis of projects to objectively and reliably ascertain viability, profitability, sustainability etc before committing resources (financial evaluation of the projects).
  • The job will also involve carrying out all necessary due diligences; drafting projects/business proposals and business plans; drafting and putting together all the necessary bankability documentation in support of loan funding applications; investor solicitation and joint venture structuring; project risk assessment to minimize the risk of project failure.
  • Ensure systematic and professional management and implementation of the project.

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