Sustainability Administrator

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Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 11 Apr 2022

Date Posted

05 Apr 2022

Expiration date

11 Apr 2022

Offered Salary (month)



2 year exp


Entry Level

Main Duties

  • Implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Sustainability programs within the company.
  • Establishing linkages and maintaining communication between internal and external resources necessary for the Sustainability and other programs.
  • Needs to understand field operations in Agronomy and to visit the field often to ensure practical rollout and application of programs.
  • Assists in the compilation of Agronomy department reports including reporting on Sustainability program status.
  • Assists in ensuring Departmental targets and programs are implemented
  • Responsible for Sustainibility program audit preparation and coordination
  • Assists in developing reports that use farmer data collected through the company’s software program that will help improve the management of small-scale farmers.
  • To run trials on small-scale farmer curing efficiencies and help develop solutions to reduce their fuel wood requirements.
  • To manage and develop a Sustainability budget.
  • To manage the budget and determine the direction of which projects it is worthwile funding.
  • To manage the logistics of sustainable wood deliveries to small-scale and commercial farmers.
  • To manage a small-scale barn improvement plan and budget in conjunction with the agronomy small-scale manager.
  • To manage and liaise with engineering companies and commercial farmers the transition of their tobacco curing units to wood from coal.
  • To manage and develop a new strategic direction of the company's forestry program.
  • To manage the direction of the budget.
  • To represent the company on the sustainability sub-committee.
  • To represent the company on the Child labour Working Group.
  • To develop relationships with various NGO entities.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in Agriculture, Environmental science, or Agro-Economics at 2.1 level or better
  • A minimum of 2-5 years’ sustainability and compliance working experience.
  • Below the age of 40

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