Stock Controller

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Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 12 Apr 2022

Date Posted

06 Apr 2022

Expiration date

12 Apr 2022

Offered Salary (month)



5 year exp




  • Coordinating stock control operations with warehouse staff, as well as the sales and finance departments.
  • Analyzing supply chain data to ensure the uninterrupted availability of stock.
  • Forecasting supply and demand in consultation with management to prevent overstocking and running out of stock
  • Receive orders from different departments and request replenishment orders through procurement
  • Tracking shipments and resolving delays
  • Coordinating internal stock transfers
  • Receiving shipments into inventory
  • Overseeing stock storage processes, including tagging, boxing, and labelling
  • Maintaining a steady flow of stock from storage to the end user
  • Performing regular inventory audits and keeping stock purchasing with budget
  • Maintaining and updating daily shipment records, as well as reports
  • Devise ways to optimize inventory control procedures
  • Inspect the levels of business supplies and raw material to identify shortage
  • Ensure product stock is adequate for all distribution channels and can cover direct demand from customers
  • Record daily deliveries and shipments to reconcile inventory
  • Use software to monitor demand and document characteristics of inventory
  • Place orders to replenish stock avoiding insufficiencies or excessive surplus
  • Analyze data to prioritize the orders and anticipate future needs
  • Collaborate with warehouse employees and other staff to ensure business goals are met
  • Report to upper management on stock levels, issues etc.

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