Finance Director

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 08 Jan 2020

Date Posted

09 Dec 2019

Expiration date

08 Jan 2020

Offered Salary (month)



10 year exp


Senior Level

Qualifications & Experience Advanced degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration. A minimum of 10 years in financial administration Main Duties Verifying and posting transactions to journals, ledgers and other records, and preparing supporting account reconciliations. Clearly preparing, analyzing and communicate monthly and annual financial statements and reports for all stakeholders. Coordinating and leading the annual audit process including liaising with external auditors and the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees. Overseeing and leading the annual budgeting and planning process in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team. Administering and reviewing all financial plans and budgets; monitor progress and changes and keeping the Senior Leadership Team abreast of the organization’s financial status. Managing organizational cash flow and forecasting and oversite of all bank accounts and investment vehicles to maintain adequate working capital and return. Managing the day to day investments in conjunction with the President & CEO and the Finance Committee. Implementing a robust contracts management and financial management/reporting system. Working collaboratively with payroll vendor to prepare and input payroll including the distribution and reporting processes for payroll; the calculation of wages, overtime and deductions; and the maintenance of on-site employee records to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Overseeing the contract billing and collection schedule. Ensuring compliance with Federal, State, local and any other financial, tax reporting and regulatory requirements. Updating, documenting and implementing all necessary business policies and accounting practices to improve the finance department’s efficiency and financial controls. Providing financial information to meet the needs of managers including producing customized financial reports, costing templates, trend analysis on an as needed, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Preparing the Annual Report and Treasurer’s narrative for Board meetings and the preparing, communicating and presenting critical financial matters to the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees.

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