Manager Risk and Compliance

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Expiration date: 29 Feb 2024

Date Posted

17 Jan 2024

Expiration date

29 Feb 2024

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3 year exp


Middle Level

Overall Job Purpose

Oversees the development of comprehensive enterprise risk management frameworks, strategic plans, policies, and procedures that are used in the management and reporting of business risks.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Designs enterprise risk management policies, processes, and procedures that cover strategic risks and operational risks

Designs and implements a sound enterprise-wide risk strategic plan.

Designs operational risk management systems, processes, models, procedures, and tools.

Carries out risk assessments and strategic risk due diligence on business strategies.

Prepares and presents enterprise risk reports to multiple stakeholders including divisional heads, executive management, and Board Committee

Advocates and supports the culture of informed risk-taking, heighten awareness, and use of advanced risk management practices through training programs and coaching.

Drives and coordinates the Risk Management team in the implementation of an effective risk management framework.

Identifies known and emerging risks, measuring, monitoring, and reporting on the Corporation's risk profile to the Board of Directors.

Participates in the strategic planning process for the organization and advises management on known and emerging risks that could impact the achievement of strategic plans

Carries out environmental scanning to identify emerging macroeconomic, demographic, political, and other external risks that could impact the sustainability of the organization.

Qualifications and Experience

Degree in Risk Management

At least 3 (three) years experience as a risk officer.

A qualification in professional Risk Management is an added advantage

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