Marketing and Communications Executive

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 25 Dec 2020

Date Posted

25 Nov 2020

Expiration date

25 Dec 2020

Offered Salary (month)



5 year exp


Senior Level

Duties and Responsibilities

Strategy Development

  • Participates in the development of the company Strategy, annual operational plans and periodic reviews including developing the attendant communication strategy, materials and activities for the same.
  • Develops, reviews and implements the Marketing and Communications Strategy for the Organisation, in conjunction with Management
  • Develops and implements the Annual Work Plan for Marketing and Communications
  • Conducts Member Perception and Satisfaction surveys once every year
  • Analyses and reports on the Marketing and communication activities and performance in accordance with the results defined in the marketing and communication strategy documents

2. Public Relations

  • Profiles the company activities in order to enhance visibility and positive image in line with its mandate, strategy and stakeholder interests
  • Develops promotion materials in consultation with the relevant managers for activities being undertaken
  • Advertises specific events pre, during (real-time) and post
  • Maintains the company’s brand through goodwill and stakeholder management

3. Brand Management

  • Lead the development of and continuous updating of the the company Brand manual and oversee its implementation
  • Track the successful execution of services to members including member satisfaction

4. Staff Management and Development

  • Delegates tasks and collaborates with cross functional colleagues for successful execution of the goals, objectives and targets

5. Internal Communication

  • Contributes to the choice of internal media channels for communication with staff
  • Creates awareness on all levels and activities

6. Risk Management

  • Undertakes Departmental planning and risk analysis
  • Maintains the department’s risk register, implements risk mitigation measures and evaluates their effectiveness
  • Reports on risk and opportunities to the CEO and other relevant interested parties

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