Group Internal Auditor

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 30 Jun 2021

Date Posted

15 Jun 2021

Expiration date

30 Jun 2021

Offered Salary (month)



3 year exp



Overall Purpose As Group Internal Auditor, the incumbent co-ordinates specific processes to support the implementation and execution of the Internal Audit Plan, monitoring compliance, preparing and presenting audit findings and recommendations. In addition, the incumbent provides assurance of compliance with statutory requirements, policies and procedures in line with IIA Standards and the organisation’s policies and procedures. Main Duties: Assist the Internal Audit & Risk Management Executive in preparing, embedding and continuously reviewing the internal audit strategy, effective working practices and supporting policies and procedures. Champion and improve audit standards and methodologies which will ensure effective service delivery. To ensure that the work of the internal audit team is carried out in accordance with the international standards and best practice. Innovation & change leadership – effecting change & process improvement while adopting leadership practices in Internal Audit. Provides comprehensive schedule of annual audit coverage within area assigned by the Internal Audit and Risk Executive. Develop and maintain strategic and operational risk based audit plans for review by the Internal Audit and Risk Executive and monitors compliance with the plan. Develops audit programs and scope in accordance with accepted Internal Auditing Standards (IAS). Prepares the scoping letter detailing the objective(s), scope, specifies the resource requirements, draft work program, time table and audit approach of each audit assignment. Examine company internal control systems. Identify where processes are not working as they should and advise on changes to be made and report on satisfactory internal controls. Perform inquiries and testing as needed to identify and resolve vulnerabilities. Confirm if procedures, policies, legislation and regulations are correctly followed and complied. Communicate audit findings to H.O.Ds in a professional manner and in line with the Internal Auditing Standards (IAS) and policies and procedures of the organization. Finalization of audit reports with responses from H.O.Ds and appropriate recommendations. Assessment of adequacy and effectiveness of the H.O.Ds action plans; the implementation of the action plan and monitoring by way of conducting follow up audits. Utilize audit software and data analytical tools to enhance efficiencies in the audit process. Track, compile and report on departmental KPIs. Assist the Internal Audit and Risk Manager in performing risk assessment and analysis in conjunction with management within each department and business unit. Updates the consolidated risk profile of the company on a quarterly basis and ensure that new risks are taken on board and mitigating strategies implemented. Observation of inventory counts and performance of surprise cash counts. Prepares monthly departmental reports for review by the Internal Audit and Risk Executive and compares audits performed to previously submitted and approved annual schedule. Assists in the performance of external audit communications during interim and year end audits. Qualifications: CIA, Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Accountancy SDP- Supervisory Development Program At least 3 years’ experience in internal audit environment and related duties and responsibilities

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