Bank Resolution Officer

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Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 21 Oct 2022

Date Posted

17 Oct 2022

Expiration date

21 Oct 2022

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5 year exp


Middle Level

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Assist in the preparation of payout or liquidation contingency plans

2. Prepare the final register in liaison with IT and respective Bank personnel through uploading of information into a system that is easy to refer.

3. Capture all the extracted data into the company's system. The incumbent will investigate for additional information through interviewing staff, studying payments system (RTGS platform) to ensure correct and up to date information is collected

4. Confirmation of balances to external auditors for audit purposes

5. Analyse information of creditors, loans and any suspense accounts to ensure correct calculations of depositor’s information is made. This will facilitate the payments of depositors per account type in terms of the provisions of the organisation's Act

6. Verifies and analyses deposit insurance claim forms submitted by depositors for payment so as to ensure that the information provided is consistent with depositor’s database.

7. Attends promptly to any queries from depositors and other creditors of banks under liquidation or Curatorship.

Liquidation Management

1. Assists in securing failed bank’s property and assets, including books and records and other documents relevant to its affairs so as to preserve its value.

2. Prepares Liquidation & Distribution Accounts for banks under liquidation.

3. Prepares an updated schedule of subrogated deposit insurance claims to facilitate recovery from liquidation accounts.

4. Attends to verification of assets of closed banks before their disposal to ensure that all assets are accounted for and identified.

5. Prepares the statement of affairs for closed banks in close liaison with former employees of closed banks.

6. Carries out evidence gathering of forensic investigation including reporting

Resolution Duties

1. Ensure compliance of contributory institutions under Curatorship with prudential and deposit insurance regulations

2. Assist in the securing of property and assets of the bank under Curatorship, including its books and records and other documents relevant to its affairs so as to preserve its value

3. Implement prompt resolution actions using the least cost method

4. Carry out evidence gathering of forensic investigation to determine size of problem faced by a member institution and recommend appropriate course of action to management to facilitate informed decision making


1. A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Banking, Finance or Economics.

2. A Post graduate academic or professional qualification in a relevant discipline will be an added advantage.


At least 5 years' relevant experience in Corporate rescue, restructuring or bank resolutions.

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