Quality Controller

Job Status: Placement
Estimated Salary

Expiration date: 17 Jul 2019

Date Posted

17 Jun 2019

Expiration date

17 Jul 2019

Offered Salary (month)



3 year exp



Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Determines and sets laboratory objectives, priorities and strategies to achieve set Goals and objectives for the Operations Department and the Organisation.
  • Instructs and guides laboratory staff in carrying out quality control tests and measurements and measures their performance to the required standards
  • Trains Laboratory employees and other staff on quality aspects
  • Prescribes tests to be performed for all production processes from input material to finished products
  • Undertakes prescribed tests and adjustments which are variable, non routine and possibly complex
  • Establishes and continuously reviews standard operating procedures and parameters for the Laboratory
  • Records and maintains proper records of data, interprets findings, reports such findings and any irregularities.
  • Produces a Monthly Quality control report
  • Ensures product traceability
  • Attends to and investigates customer complaints related to product quality.
  • Co-ordinates institution of Corrective actions and Preventive Actions that are related to product and process quality.
  • Works hand in hand with HODs to achieve reduction in waste, rejects and product failures(complaints)
  • Ensures that production processes are managed and maintained in a manner consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008
  • Ensures that conditions necessary for the attainment of the correct quality (such as calibration) for all equipment are maintained.
  • Ensures resources required to perform all tests for the Lab are available
  • Ensures good housekeeping in the lab and accurate assessment of house keeping standards in the factory.
  • Initiates projects that improve quality
  • Makes conclusions and offers suggestions for improvement.
  • Ensures that the laboratory is on the continuous improvement path with regards to systems, processes, and documentation and standard practices.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree in Plastic Technology
  • Minimum of 3 years Experience

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