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41 Things that frustrate HR Professionals
The HR profession looks like an easy profession from the viewpoint of most outsiders. I took an opportunity to ask HR professionals to indicate the things that frustrate them the most.  I list below some of the issues that HR people struggle with as they practice their profession. Directors who only think highly of HR […]
How to develop good job descriptions
Dozier (2013) characterises a job description as a document which indicates the clear key performance areas (KPAs), core responsibilities, and job obligations. It regularly includes whom the employee reports to, work demands, academic qualifications, and competencies needed by the person applying for the job. A well-compiled job description builds a critical foundation so that the […]
How to successfully adopt minimalistic HR
Organizations are slowly buying into the realization that HR is doing too much and that the list of HR initiatives is far too long. Behind this thinking is the notion that what employees and management are looking for is more impact, with less effort. Employees and management are of the view that HR tends to […]
An Interview with Dave Ulrich on how HR can help  the Business win in the Market Memory Nguwi caught up with Dave Ulrich to discuss pertinent issues facing the human resources profession, specifically how HR can add value to the business. Questions Memory: How do  you measure the performance of the HR department in an […]
Competence Profiling made simple
Designing a Competency Model for your organisation What is  a Competency Model? A Competency Model is a   set of key behaviours required for excellent performance in a particular role. Excellent performers on the job demonstrate these behaviours much more consistently than average or poor performers. These characteristics include the key behaviours that primarily drive excellent […]
We are only as strong as our human resource
Economic development is a result of the people we have. Every job will be done if you put the right people in the right jobs. That’s the biggest challenge facing Africa, especially. The key issue is cognitive power. It’s the capacity to think, to find solutions to problems.   In this TEDxHarare presentation Memory Nguwi […]
HR Quick wins for every Board
Most Boards at this moment are seized with crafting survival strategies for their businesses. This is not an easy task considering how difficult it is for the Board to share the same vision. When people join Boards they join for various reasons. Others do it for prestige, political reasons, while others do so for good […]
The HR Board Report
One of the key functions of any board is to make sure the human resources (HR) of the organisation is put to good use. To enable the board to effectively execute this task they need information on how human resource activities are impacting on business performance. This task is made even more difficult by the fact […]
Why you should apply analytics to your HR strategy
The human resources department is still struggling to assert its authority although tremendous progress has been made. Its biggest challenge is the inability to show its value through objective evidence. The key question always is how human resources practices are impacting positively on the business. While the human resources profession has tried to get representation […]
Human Resources Outlook for 2019
The year 2019 is here and my predictions are that there will be a lot of things happening on the human resources front. Given that most human resources issues are linked to business performance lets first look at the business side of 2019. Although I have seen a lot of people being pessimistic about the […]